Sailboat Inspired Prefab Treehouse Villa Hangs From the Trees, Beautiful Craftsmanship!

Along with tiny houses, tree houses have been gaining a lot of attention lately. People have been building tree houses in a variety of different ways, some with recycled materials, others with amazing architectural design. Creating a tree house space is a great way to experiment with different building styles as well as to make use of space without having to impose on the land or the trees and plants on it. While many tree home designs will use the tree as a part of the structure by attaching the different materials to it, there are ways to build a tree house without harming the tree. Designers have come up with ways to build around the tree using different building techniques and engineering. This impressive sailboat inspired home design was built up in a tree by Toronto-based architecture firm Farrow Partnership Architects. They hung the tree house they designed from the upper part of the tree's trunk instead of nailing the structure to the tree.

Farrow Partnership Architects has been designing buildings for over 50 years. They have plenty of clients throughout North America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and also the Middle East. Tye Farrow believes that well-designed buildings can create good health and wellness and that the environment affects humans in a very distinct way. Most of their designs are health centres or buildings that have to do with building community. These tree home designs will be built soon at the E'Terra Samara Resort in Tobermory, Ontario. This particular architectural design was inspired by the samara, those small propeller seeds that come from the maple tree which is a staple in Ontario. The design firm will prefabricate the tree houses offsite in three phases. The building will be made using FSC-certified lumber and sailboat construction techniques. Each of the pieces will be lifted and bolted together around the tree in the winter time so that they don't disturb the animals in the forest. Since the forest that the tree houses will be in is a part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, it's very important to them to maintain the ecosystem. The structure will be hung on the tree trunk by a steel shoulder and cable system which will not disturb the tree. This method is inspired by the Japanese technique using yukitsuri ropes made of high strength structural cables. These cables are created out of small strands that are twisted up to create a strong vine that will form larger cables. The large cables will be attached to spiral circular rods and the rods are then tied to a plate on the wooden beams at the top of the tree.

The walls of the tree houses will also be created to take advantage of the sunlight throughout the day. They will be made with fabric that is translucent, which will allow natural sunlight into the home. It will also create the look of a hanging lantern in the tree at night.

Apparently, these units are also able to clean themselves. Fabric pieces will be attached to the wooden frame at each season change and these will be like leaves on a tree, neutralizing airborne toxins. These fabric pieces they call bonnets are made out of PTFE - a fibreglass-coated non-toxic and flame-resistant titanium dioxide fabric. The bonnets will also be able to break down dirt through the chemical reactions with UV rays, oxygen and water vapour in the air. These incredible tree houses will be available for rent once the resort is open. What a cool experience it would be to stay in one of the eco-friendly, artistically designed tree houses.***

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