See How Much Money You Can Save by Building a Pallet Shed on Your Own

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It is easy to look at wood working projects and be overwhelmed, especially if you are lacking building skills, which is in fact very common for a lot of people these days. In my father's and grandfather's day it was common for the young boys (and girls) of the family to be much more familiar with tools that the children of this era. Nowadays it is so easy to buy things for cheap that are plastic and easy to assemble, then to get your hands dirty and get to work building your own.

Enter the age of the 'pallet' projects. With all the wood and structure in place of wood pallets, they can be basically taken as they are and made into fabulous new projects, for example this relatively easy to make pallet shed. When you first look at a wood pallet it is easy to dismiss them as ugly pieces of cheap wood that are better off in the dump. A pallet, sometimes called a skid (which is incorrect since a skid has no bottom boards), is a flat structure of wood that is used to move items around. It is built with a hollow center so that forklifts can easily make the work easier for humans. Pallets can be found made of wood, plastic, metal or even paper.

In this fantastic DIY project, you will learn from Mr. Butch Bridges from Love Grove, Oklahoma just how he built his wood shed for wooden pallets. If you use your yard at all, it is very hand to have an outdoor shed for your outdoor tools such as rakes, lawn mowers and such, or even for bikes and gardening equipment. Once it is built it will help to add organization to your home.

In March 2009, Mr. Bridges came up with the plan to recycle some old wood pallets into a tool shed. Like many wood pallets, these ones would have been thrown in the dump had he not come up with a creative project to use them. What he found is that wood pallets comes in variety of sizes, but he was lucky to find a place in his area with a dumpster surrounded by wood pallets that were all the same size! He learned later that he got lucky because they were all square pallets, which in the end meant that he did not have to make any modifications.

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