Seven Tips to Help You Buy the Right Harness

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Rock climbing is a sport that requires the proper gear to secure you during the entire activity. Don't risk taking mediocre materials with you for this kind of sport if you want to still be alive when you go back to the ground. It is important that you have the best equipment whenever you go climbing because aside from your skills, that is your only way to survive this extreme sport. One of the gears that you will need is the perfect harness. Here are some tips that will help you buy the right one.

1. Always buy at a climbing shop. Although there are so many online shops selling harnesses these days, it's still best that you go to a physical store to make a purchase. You need to try it on and move around with it, and see if it is making you feel comfortable. Note that it's not safe to buy a harness without trying it on. Make sure to wear it on your hips and waist and see how that feels before paying for it.

2. It is important that your harness fits right on your waist, hips and even your legs. It should not slip or hinder any of your movements. You must also know that there are brands that won't fit on your body type, so it's a must that you pick the one that will be perfect for your size and measurements. Remember that it can't be too tight nor too loose. It has to be just right.

3. Another tip that you must not forget is to have the waist belt of the harness long enough. Make it a point that it has at least 2 to 3 inches of extra webbing at the end part of the waist belt after doubling it back using the buckle.

These are some of the tips that we have for you today. To find out the rest of the important tips, check out the website About below.

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