She Put Powder in Her Hair and the Outcome Is Shocking

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Fine, thin hair can be pretty tricky to fluff up to make it look fuller. It usually just seems to lay pretty flat against the scalp which can be frustrating when you want more of a voluminous look. The good news is, you can get some volume into your flat hair with some simple and affordable beauty hacks. Rachel shares this and other simple life hacks and diy ideas in this video called. "Weird Beauty Life Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!" as well as in all of her other videos on her YouTube channel, Rclbeauty101. Besides her great beauty hacks, she also features fashion and clothing hacks and diy ideas that help you keep up with any trends. You can also learn how to fix your clothes with some of her tricks and tips. So overall, Rachel's channel is a great one to subscribe to since you'll always be learning practical things.

When you're doing your hair, and you want a little bit of extra volume just use some white makeup powder as a hair powder to volumize your hair. The white powder can also be used as a dry shampoo since essentially that's what a dry shampoo is anyway, just a simple powder. The powders will help to soak up some of the oils that are causing your hair to look greasy, as well as add some dimension to your hair to help it poof up a bit more. Just take some of the white powder you have on hand and sprinkle some of it into your hair at the roots. Then, massage it into your roots with your fingertips scrunching it as you go. The hair will have some more volume, and it'll look much thicker as well. If you have darker hair, your hair may appear a bit white because of the powder so just try and massage it in as best you can. You can also backcomb your hair to give it more volume, but this can break your hair too. Give this simple beauty hack a try and see how it works for you.

Rachel also teaches us one of her genius tips on how to create a smokey eye in just minutes with some pieces of foam sheets and eyeshadow. You just take some crafting foam sheets and cut out the shape of your eye in them. Then wet the whole area and apply some eye shadow to it in the order you want it to appear on your eye lid. Once it's dry, you press it onto your eye, and the eyeshadow is transferred to your eyelid just like a stamp. Once the eyeshadow is on your lid, just blend it with a brush. Try out different colours and shades and see how they work. She also shows us how to numb the pain of tweezing with some tooth ache gel. You simply put this numbing cream on any area you want to tweeze, and it will numb the skin making it easier for you to tweeze pain-free. If you love to do your nails at home, you can also learn how to create fun designs on your nails using a sandwich bag as transfer paper to transfer your design onto your nail. Be sure to watch the entire video to learn all of these great simple life hacks and diy ideas so you can try them out yourself and share them with your friends so they can benefit from them too. Rachel also has some great fashion diy ideas and advice. She also makes fun videos where she does challenges, and she has awesome giveaways too.***

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