Six Performance Climbing Tips

Are you an avid outdoors lover? Do you enjoy hiking, swimming, running, cycling, and walking? How about rock climbing? I remember the first time I tried rock climbing, having the harness tightly strapped to me, and proceeding to trust the people beneath me to hold the rope in case I came tumbling down. It's a whole new experience from the usual outdoor activities most people take part in, all the other ones involve different terrain but you're still travelling, for the most part, horizontally. Sure you may hike, run, or bike up a hill, but the angle is still relatively leveled. Rock climbing on the other hand is totally different, you're literally just going straight up a cliff, defying the laws of gravity, and hoisting yourself higher and higher until you reach the uppermost point. You're lifting yourself and analyzes every move that will allow you to proceed to the next ledge. It uses different muscles, different techniques, and a different mentality than other sports.

In this article on the "About" website, you will learn 6 performance climbing tips that will help you become a better climber. Whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned climber, you will learn a thing or two. The first one is to look, think and then move. The second, is to avoid hugging the rock. The third is to stand on your feet. The fourth is to use basic foot positions. The fifth is that hands keep you on. And finally the sixth is to flow with the rock. If you're not sure what all of this means, then go checkout the "About" website paged linked in this article. It gives a brief description for each point, to better explain the concepts. So before you go and adventure back to the vertical world, read this and start applying your new lessons at your next rock climbing session!

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