Slow Cooker Fish Fillets


1 lb firm fish fillet (I have used salmon and catfish)

salt and pepper, to taste


fresh herb, lemon slices, white wine

minced garlic, minced ginger, soy sauce

pesto sauce

black bean sauce, minced garlic, ponzu


You can use as much fish as you need (and will fit in your crockpot), about 6 ounces per serving. I like to make a whole 1 lb fillet for my needs, but have also made individual portions.

Place a fillet on one half of a large piece of aluminum foil.

Season the fillet as you like - my favorite right now is fresh bay leaves with thin slices of lemon and a splash of white wine. The seasonings are just suggestions, use your imagination.

Fold over the foil, fold up the edges and seal well. This keeps the juices inside, eliminating the need to clean up. If it does leak, clean up is still easy.

Place in slow cooker. You can stack the packages. I can get three into my 5 quart cooker.

Cook on Low for 3 hours. (O'Dea says 2 to 3 hours, my schedule has always had the fillets cook for 3 hours).

Remove from cooker and open carefully, there may be steam coming out.

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