Spicy Cider Recipe – Natural Cold Remedy

These days, we are learning so much more about what our grandmothers already knew, that certain blends of herbs and spices can serve as potent natural remedies for a host of ailments, and they can even serve to prevent them as well. Here's an age-old spicy cider recipe – natural cold remedy – that is bound to keep the doctor away.

This particular recipe for spicy cider was initially published in Rosemary Gladstar's “Medicinal Herbs” book, published in 2012, and she called it “Fire Cider” for good reason. Rosemary was one of the fortunate ones who got an early herbalist education from her grandmother. She has fond memories of going out into the fields with her grandmother when she was just a child, and her grandmother would teach her what all of the different plants were – the ones that were growing in the garden as well as the ones that were growing wild. Early on, Rosemary was able to learn what worked best for herbal remedies, and what only worked for compost. Rosemary was very grateful for her own grandmother's wisdom and that her grandmother instilled within her a longing to learn more about herbal remedies. Even her name, “Rosemary” is after a plant with a plethora of medicinal properties. Growing up in a post-World War II farm family, Rosemary learned resilience at a very age. Her parents and grandparents taught her how to use what was readily available, helpful, and easy on the pocket, and herbal remedies fit all of these criteria. She and her siblings thrived on the farm – they grew up healthy and happy and hardly ever endured any illnesses when they were young. So inspired by her grandmother, Rosemary became an herbalist as well as a pioneer in the herbalist movement when she grew older. Not only has she blended a number of herbal remedies in her own herb shop in central Vermont, but she has also authored several books on natural remedies and natural herbal medicines, one of which is the source of this “Fire Cider” herbal remedy. This natural anti-cold formula is one that has been handed down from grandmother to granddaughter for generations, and will be handed down for generations to come.

“Spicy Cider” as this article chooses to call it, contains a number of “hot”, spices and ingredients, all of which contain potent anti-microbial properties, that will help literally burn away a cold. It is especially effective if you take it as a preventative measure on a daily basis in the winter months, or start taking it at the first sign of flu or a cold. Originally, this natural remedy recipe called for horseradish, but it's possible to substitute Echinacea root instead. You may think this natural medicine has a bad taste because of all of the spicy ingredients, however, many attest that it does not. It may be hot, but it reportedly tastes very good, and can even be used as a salad dressing.

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