"The Flash Went off, and There Was a Scream. He Disappeared, and All That Remained Was This Picture."

There are a lot of spooky stories about aliens, mythical creatures and their encounter with humans. Not all of them have been proven real and most of them have remained a mystery. One of them is the story of this man who took this picture of a Djinn and went missing right after he took it. In case you donít know, a Djinn is also known as a supernatural creature in Arabian mythology. Some would also call it a genie, while others consider them as angels who belong to the dark side.

This picture went viral because of the story behind it. The source said that it is a true story that happened in the caves of Ras el Khaimah in the UAE. According to that website, this picture was used as an evidence when the police went out to investigate. They were told that the person who took the picture went to this cave along with a friend. He was advised not to go, but he didn't listen and instead he continued with the trip. The manís friend called the police to report what exactly happened.

He said that he saw his friendís camera flash went off, and he heard him scream after. He tried to call his friend, but he didnít get an answer, and he didnít see him since then. The police came and found the man after a few hours of looking for him, but unfortunately heís already dead, and all that was left was this picture that he took.

It is a fascinating story. However, a lot of people still think itís a hoax. In fact, someone even debunked it by saying that the picture is real but itís from a sculpture in Cheddar Showcaves & Gorge in Somerset, England. It is kind of a theme park, and they feature mythical creatures like this.

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