The Ingenious Design of This Grill Gives the Word 'Dining' a Whole New Meaning

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The Jag Grill is considered the ultimate luxury grill. Its convenient design allows you to have your firepit in the center, and there is a platform table surrounding the grill where you can sit and assist in the barbecuing of the food. This is a great concept for those outdoor meals.

The company offers a six seat and an eight-seat model. They offer accessories such as a coal grabber and scraper. These unit start at $1,199.00 plus shipping US. These are nicely thought out and for those that want a ready made outside grill these are worth looking at.

For the DIY guy, you can also make your own grill.

How about a transportable grill made from a children's old metal wagon or metal wheelbarrow.

To start, just fill the base of your wagon or wheelbarrow with about six-inches of gravel dirt or sand. This will insulate the bottom surface from the heat. Next using heavy duty aluminum foil you will need to cover the gravel or sand. Take the aluminum foil all the way up and over the edges of the wagon or wheelbarrow. The aluminum foil will prevent the coals from sinking into the gravel and create a clean surface.

Make a small grill platform using bricks stacked two to three high to form a wall around the area where you will place the coals. The best height for the grill would be 3-4 inches. You can use an old oven rack as the grilling area. Build the brick wall using your grill as your template for the size. You only put the bricks on two sides of the grill as the coals go into the middle.

When everything is in place you will need to light the coals with lighter fluid and a match. Once the briquettes are hot, go ahead and do your cooking.

From hi-tech to low-tech!

To see pictures and learn more about the JAG Grill please visit their website below.

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