The Natural Cancer Killer That Pharmaceutical Companies Don't Want You to Know About

Usually, when you think of Leukemia, you think of medications and chemotherapy, and general unhappiness and low quality of life. But, no more will you have to dread for your loved ones health when it comes to leukemia simply buy some Dandelion Root Extract.

In a recent study dandelion root extract was cytotoxic to all three of the types of human leukemia cells tested, killing up to 96% of the CMML cells after only 48 hours! The researchers prepared the extract using dandelions that they picked from a local grassy field, and they stated that it had great potential as an effective alternative to deadly chemotherapy.

The question is, does it really work? An oncologist named Caroline Hamm had an elderly patient who suffered from Myelomonocytic Leukemia, a highly aggressive leukemia form. She received no improvement when she went through rounds of chemotherapy; the patient began to self-administer natural therapy consisting of dandelion root tea, and she even shared with another patient in the waiting room. Dr. Hamm saw the test results of both patients improve while taking the tea, and both refused to go any further with chemotherapy.

Dandelion tea acts fast on cancer cells, affecting them in such a way that they disintegrate within 48 hours, allowing new healthy cells to form in the body.

The doctor contacted the University of Windsor biochemist Siyaram Pandey, he and his students embarked of research. They collected the blood cells of 9 different patients, formulated dandelion root extract, and applied it to the cells in a culture dish. Within 24 hours the cells had effectively committed cell suicide. “It killed the cells very selectively; it only killed the cancer cells,” said Pandey. “The regular cells were not killed.”

Further studies have found that dandelion extract may have potentially active ingredient against Cancer, melanoma, breast, and prostate cancer. This comes as no surprise because dandelion root extract has been used for centuries as effective treatments in traditional medicine.


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