The Only 7 Crystals You Need To Boost Your Mood + Live Your Best Life

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Since ancient times, healing crystals have been used for their powerful healing properties. Healing crystals can help you heal from emotional issues, which in turn can lead to good health and grater overall happiness. There are a variety of healing crystals, each with its own unique healing properties. There are some healing crystals that are best suited for abundance and prosperity, while other crystals are better for relationships and harmony, love, or even for protection and shielding. There are different ways to use crystals one is to carry a healing crystal with you. The more contact that you have with a healing crystal, the more aware that you will be of its energy. You can carry a healing crystal with you in your pocket or purse and pull the crystal out whenever you need to center yourself or to bring your attention back to the intention that you are working towards. Healing crystals can bring positive energy to your decor. Healing crystals can be placed around your home to help dispel negative energy and emit positive vibes which are the perfect addition to any room. For the full list of healing crystals, you will want to take a look at the MBG Mindfulness site. The following are just some of the healing crystals you will find on the site.

Amethyst. Amethyst is a healing crystal that is known as The All-Purpose Stone. Amethyst is the healing crystal that you will find in a variety of hues and shades from light violet to vibrant violet to lilac. Amethyst healing crystals resonate with the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), along with the Third Eye Chakra, which helps to opens up the gateway to divine consciousness and to your higher intuition. This healing crystal also helps to provide clarity when there is confusion in mind and may help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Rose Quartz. Rose quartz is a pink healing crystal that is a very soothing and calming stone. Rose quartz symbolizes love and harmony. This healing crystal helps to open your heart so you can give and receive love. Rose quartz also encourages you to forgive others, including yourself, which can help you to move on. This healing crystal emits vibrations of love, peace and harmony. Rose Quartz is a healing crystal that you can use for emotional traumas, relationship troubles, healing inner child karma or other emotional issues. You can wear rose quartz, or hold this healing crystal when you are emotionally troubled. This healing crystal can provide soothing and calming effects that will bring forth peace and tranquillity. Place this healing crystal in your home or workplace to help keep the atmosphere harmonious and peaceful.

Citrine. Citrine is a golden, yellowish healing crystal that is among the most beloved of all crystals. Citrine is loved for its beauty and its healing properties and is a healing crystal that can be used to help invite more prosperity and abundance into your life. Citrine is a healing crystal that can help you manifest more money in your life by removing financial blockages, as well it may help to attract new opportunities. Citrine is also considered one of the best healing stones for protection and weight loss. Using citrine for abundance and prosperity, you can wear it or keep this healing crystal in your purse or wallet, or place the crystal in a cash drawer or money box in the corner of your home or office. You will find this list of healing crystals at the MBG Mindfulness site. On the site, you will find healing crystals such as rose quartz, citrine and more. On the site, you will also find health, food, movement, beauty, planet and more. **

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