The Toilet That Will Change the World!

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Toilets always symbolize an importance and resolution. If you are living on the road or in the woods, you have got to find your own version of disposing of wastes. There are many types of toilets from the Ed Begley’s composting Envirolet toilet, to the compact travel versions such as Air Head and Nature Head but cost a lot more than you can imagine. One thing you can learn from composting is that when solid waste and urine are mixed they produce strong, uncomfortable smell and it will take some time to break down into compost plus the smell is still there.

Some even tried the chemical RV. However, they still smell terrible and perhaps should only be used during an emergency or outdoor. So what about the incinerator toilets? It is, in fact, good because they leave only little waste. However it takes more power to operate and is not the best solution for people who travel a lot.

You should check out the DryFlush waterless, light, travel toilet. It has been proven and tested for three months straight on the road, and the result was amazing. There were no bad odors, drips or even discomfort! The cost of this is only half the price of the compact composting toilet.

This new technology toilet is ideal for small space, and yet the toilet seat is the standard size. It is equipped with electric charged battery that can be easily charged at any 120v outlet. And if you find it hard to look for an electrical outlet, there is a solar alternative!

The DryFlush is nevertheless the best invention in this new generation. It can help many travelers, places with poor sanitary problems, off-grid homes, military units and many more. You can purchase it at a retail price of $420 and that includes one battery and one refill bag installed. This is definitely the best choice for travelers.

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