These Dogs Are Dead Ringers For Things You Just Won't Believe

These dogs are guaranteed to make your sides split with laughter, my gosh they are Hilarious!!! Who would've thought that dogs could be dead ringers for things ranging from everyday objects like towels or mops to characters like Chewbacca from Star Wars and even celebrity Richard Branson! The fact is that they are not only adorable but to many dog lovers often look like an even cuter version of their human or inanimate counterparts that are often hysterical. It not only makes you want to laugh but brings out other feelings; some of them you want to pet while others are just plain bizarre looking.

My childhood dog that I grew up with was named Simba after The Lion King character because he was a golden retriever and had a big golden mane of fur. It was my favourite thing to do to snuggle up to him and rub my cheek against his furry mane. It made my day and brought a smile to my face when I saw that these funny and cute dogs included a very adorable golden retriever dog who looked exactly like a lion with a giant golden mane.

A few of these dogs look like they couldn't possibly be part of the canine family, like the dog that looked like a bunch of towels bundled together. It goes to show how dogs can have such a variety of different looks. Wouldn't it be funny if humans were like that if some of us looked like wrinkly towels and others looked like teddy bears? That would be the funniest cutest world imaginable if people had as many differences in their appearance as different breeds of dogs do.

Now it is time to see these amazing doggie dopplegangers for yourself! Please click the link below to the Viral Nova website to view these hilariously cute puppies right now.

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