These Girls Pour Vodka and Beer to Their Hair, Watch out for the Result!

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Out of all the natural home remedies, you could possibly think of, you probably never thought of using alcohol on your hair. You may have heard about using beer as a hair rinse before, but vodka might be a new one for you. There are so many interesting and kind of weird beauty hacks that involve items from your pantry or fridge. There are the egg hair and face masks, or the avocado hair and face masks. We even use mud on our faces to purify our skin, and throughout history, there have been even stranger things used for beauty hacks like animal dung and urine. So using alcohol might not seem so out there after all. With all of the products on the market these days, it's always nice to find all natural beauty hacks. Going all natural is something that's becoming more common these days especially since people tend to have allergic reactions so some of the ingredients in certain products. Plus, the sulphates and parabens in cosmetic products are not good for the environment, and they pollute our waterways and harm the fish and plants living in them. So even if you still buy commercial products, try to purchase ones that are all natural and that don't have sulphates or parabens in them at all.

This beauty hack is one of the many simple life hacks that comes to us from ModaMob, a source for beauty and fashion inspiration. They share style and makeup advice and tutorials, as well as simple life hacks and natural home remedies, and celebrity trends so that you can keep up with all the latest trends. The nice thing is, they're trying out all of these beauty hacks beforehand to see if they work or not, and they also talk about how they liked the beauty hack or if they didn't and why. Makeup and beauty is all about experimentation, so it's fun to try out all of these different ideas and hacks to see how they work for you personally since they'll work differently for every person trying them out. Twin sisters Kaycie and Kandyce try out this beer and vodka hair rinse hack to see how it works. People are more accustomed to drinking these two beverages rather than putting them in their hair, but it couldn't hurt to try using them in a different way. All you'll need for this beauty hack is some vodka and some beer.

Apparently, the B vitamins and proteins in beer are supposed to naturally strengthen hair making it stronger and thicker. On the other hand, the vodka works as a clarifying rinse which helps to remove build up left behind by hair products and environmental build up. For the beer rinse, you should do it after your hair is washed and conditioned, while it's damp. First, you'll open your bottle of beer; you can use any kind of beer and maybe experiment with different types to see the results. Once your beer is open, you'll pour it in your hair, so it completely saturates your hair. If you're in the shower already, which is probably the best bet for this beauty hack, you can just leave it in your hair, but if you're not in the shower, you can wrap a towel around your head. Do the exact same process with the vodka and after you let the alcohol sit on your hair for about 10 minutes or so, rise it out really well and style as usual. Don't do these treatments more than twice a month because they could actually dry your hair out more. Try them out and see how they work on your hair.***

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