These Small Modular Homes

Are you looking to join the tiny house movement with a cute small home of your own? Green Pod offers a unique ready - made option, with small modular homes that are extremely liveable, and designed for sustainable and modest living. Maybe you have found your perfect piece of land where you are ready to settle into your ideal life, and now all you need is a comfortable, functional and attractive home. These small modular homes come in a variety of designs, ranging in size from 300 to 800 square feet and starting in price at around $60,000. This gives you a great sized home for a very affordable price, when you think about how much a home actually costs these days.

Their favourite on the website, is the Salal Pod, which is the cozy size of 302 square feet. It looks like a beautiful rustic cabin, with a nice larger sized deck on the front, with lovely detailing that embellishes upon it's already beautiful design. The Mercer is another favourite, although much larger then the others, at 648 square feet in total. The home looks so large and grand with the high ceilings and the many windows they have incorporated into the space, that open the home to the outdoors, and optimize light exposure, creating the illusion of the house feeling larger when one is inside. They like to elaborate on the existing space, so that the foot print of the home doesn't become larger, but so that the space still feels large. The interior finishings are also so well thought out, and look very modern. The white walls, make the space look fresh and clean, and offer space to hang personal art work and photos. The trim is all done very nicely, and gives the home a very warm feeling in juxtaposition to the white walls. You can see in the floor plans that they have provided, that a 1200 square foot model can fit two bedrooms and a great open concept living room and kitchen area. The bedrooms are nicely tucked away for privacy as well.

Green Pods are designed with both you and the earth in mind. Environmentally friendly design aspects are included such as energy efficient appliances, lighting and heating, low flow plumbing, rainwater catchment, gray water recycling and responsibly sourced natural building materials. Most modern homes today contain a variety of toxins both in the building materials and in the interior furnishings. However, with Green Pods your health is paramount with the use of all non-toxic building materials and fibers. Air quality, durability, and environmental responsibility are key values of Green Pod and these values are reflected in the design of their tiny homes.

Not only are these pod homes ecologically sustainable and healthy to live in, they are beautiful both inside and out. Careful attention to aesthetics is reflected in the look and feel of each pod. Moveable walls and large windows allow for a feeling of spaciousness, despite the home's small footprint. Gorgeous natural wood and organic plant fibers with natural dyes create an earthy oasis in your tiny home. The pods can also be stacked and connected to create a larger home if the need arises. The beauty, sustainability, health, comfort and versatility of Green Pods makes them an excellent choice for any new tiny home owner. This is a revolution for home building.

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