This Astounding Old Mountain Log Cabin Will Capture Your Heart

Have a look at this incredible Old Mountain log house in North Carolina. This custom log house design features 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and is located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. It's the perfect example of a true custom build done in the traditional style. With rounded scribed logs and hand crafted details throughout. If you're considering building a log home of your own, and you'd like to stick with a more traditional style, this log house is a great inspiration. While hand crafted log homes are usually a bit more expensive per square foot, they are very much worth every penny spent, especially if this is the style of log house you'd like. Log home building can be done in a few different ways. You can go DIY and do the entire process yourself, learning as you go, which can be tough to take on, but it can be done. Many people have built their own log house designs using materials they've sourced themselves and doing all of the hand peeling and scribing themselves too. You would be really proud of a hand crafted log house you built this way, and it would be a piece of you that would live on for a very long time.

The other method of log home building is to buy a log home kit. These kits will typically include all of the materials needed to build the model of your choosing. The materials come prefabricated, so all you have to do is follow directions and assemble it as directed. While these log home building kits are made out of high-quality natural materials, you're going to usually get a more uniform, manufactured look. So unlike the hand crafted log houses which will have more of an unpredictable look, the manufactured log home kits will have a very consistent look. This is good for people who want a more modern and sleek look for their log house design. If you want the luxury, classic, handcrafted log house like the Old Mountain log house here, you'll probably want to have your home built by a professional log home building company. This way, your home will be built by expert craftsmen and you can just step back and watch your beautiful home being built before your eyes. You can keep the size of the log house smaller to keep the price lower if need be too.

Staying in a log house vacation rental is a great way to get to see some different styles of log home and see which log house designs you seem to prefer. You may think you like the rustic look, but if you stay in one and then stay in a more modernized log house, you might change your mind and prefer the modern look. Take your time to learn what you like and dislike, the clearer you are on your design ideas, the easier it will be to communicate what you want to the designers and get exactly what you want. Even just finding inspiration from log house designs like this one will be a good start. Notice all of the fine details of the log house, for example, the log railings and bannisters inside this particular log house are all custom created too which really adds to the overall look of the home. You'll also notice that they implemented some dry wall on the upper floor, so that's always an option too if you prefer dry wall over log walls. Enjoy the video tour of this lovely log house and see what you think. Could you imagine living in a log house like this one?***

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