This Beauty Trick Is Amazing You Don't Need to Spend a Lot of Money for Lash Extensions

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Our eyelashes are a key feature on our face, and if you wear makeup, you know that a major part of any look is the eyelashes. Making the eyelashes longer, thicker and darker is a great way to enhance the eye and bring a look together. Have you ever tried wearing makeup without doing your eyelashes? It can actually look pretty strange, as though something is missing. But the instant you add the mascara or the stick on eyelashes, your look is complete. Good thing there are beauty hacks that help accentuate our natural beauty so we can have some fun. Even the ancient Egyptians had their own beauty hacks. They would use the black khol or soot to accentuate their eyes, lashes, and brows, and makeup has just evolved from there. Back then, both men and women wore black makeup around the eyes, as it was meant to mask the eyes. They believed that this mask protected the person's soul from evil spirits. The type of mascara we know and use today was not heard of until the 19th century when Eugene Rimmel and T.L Williams each created their own version of mascara. The makeup consisted of petroleum jelly and coal mixed together to make a paste. However, the mascara could be very messy. Then, in 1957, Helena Rubinstein created a formula of mascara that would be sold in a tube with a little brush for application. To apply the mascara to the lashes, a little bit of the product would be distributed onto the brush and applied to the lashes.

From there we have seen many different mascara formulas and brushes, and now, everything comes packaged into one tube. The mascara sits in the tube, and the brush rests in the tube when it's not in use which is such a practical, mess free method. We've also seen different colours of mascara developed from brown to blue and even grey. The brushes have also changed a lot, and there are different brushes to achieve different lash looks. Now, there are even lash extensions that are applied by a professional. There are different types of lashes including synthetic, silk and mink lashes. During a lash extension appointment, the lashes are applied by a trained technician one at a time and are attached using a semi-permanent glue that's safe for eyes. It usually takes about 2 hours to get your lashes done professionally and then they can be maintained by going for touch ups every month. Because the lash extensions fall out as the real eyelashes fall out naturally.

If you're not keen on spending money and time getting your lashes done, you can try a few beauty hacks and diy ideas to get your lashes looking amazing. In this video from Rclbeauty101's YouTube channel, Rachel teaches us some pretty weird, yet cool beauty hacks that can help us with different makeup and beauty dilemmas. It's so fun to try out simple life hacks like these and see how they work for us. One of the beauty hacks Rachel shows us how to do is how to make your lashes longer by using cotton balls. It may sound strange, but it seems to work. After the first coat of your mascara, you simply pick up some cotton ball fibres with an eye brow brush and distribute them on your lashes, and continue to do this between coats of mascara. The cotton fibres will add length and thickness to your lashes without having to go for the expensive, time-consuming lash extensions. Check out all of the simple life hacks and diy ideas Rachel shares with us on her channel.***

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