This House will Make you Believe in Love at First Sight

An interesting aspect of human psychology is we tend to like things and find them more appealing if everything about those things is not obvious the first time we experience them. This is true in music, we hear a song for the first time it catches our interest and the next time we hear it we notice a lyric or instrument in the background. Harmony that we missed emerges. The more we hear it the more we notice. The same applies to observing architecture. There is so much to love about this 260 square foot tiny home that was designed by Richardson Architects. The simple beauty of this tiny house appeals and as you take time to observe you get a sense of the people that live here. This home was designed to accommodate a lifestyle that includes children. There is even a chalkboard on the outside. What a fun spot to play Pictionary! By looking at the photo you can well visualize a family making use of the outdoor space. The flower planters in front of the home add color and that wonderful feeling that somebody caring lives here. The inside of the house is storey book picture perfect. The use of white, red and yellow inside give this house a bright and cheery atmosphere. This little house is located on a dairy farm near the coastline of Northern California. Wear and tear should be minimized as the structure is built using non-corrosive and wear-resistant materials. Metal roofs are low maintenance and have more fire resistance than a wooden roof. Painted white, the exterior gives such a bright and happy feel to the home. Imagine if this house was painted brown instead of white! There is a covered wraparound porch assuring great outside space for the family to enjoy.

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