This Luxurious Tiny House Can Be Built In Less Than Six Weeks

You'll want to take a look inside this beautiful prefab design. This tiny house design might just be the way to get the house that you need in the shortest amount of time. That's because getting a tiny house design made has never been faster. If the only thing that is holding you back from getting your tiny house design is that you think building one takes too long, your small house worries are over. That is because of a new start-up, that is building your tiny house design in four to six weeks. All these thanks to the San Francisco-based Avava Systems that has designed a game-changing line of prefab tiny house designs called Britespaces. The tiny house designs are built in parts at an indoor factory; then those prefab pieces are shipped in boxes and put together on your building site. The full assembly can take as little as four weeks, which means you can have the space of your dreams as quickly as it takes to order something online.

While prefab home designs aren't a new idea, the process of building a tiny house design can usually take anywhere from 10 to 50 weeks for other companies. So unless you are purchasing a tiny house design that is already built, you have a bit of a wait ahead of you. And building a tiny house design of your own can take much longer, unless you have a tiny house kit, and the building time will vary depending on the size and design of tiny home you have. Avava says that their building process is the cleanest and orderly in the industry and that almost all of their building materials are locally sourced and produced. If the images of one of the model Britespaces are any indication, this company can produce some incredible results. The home in the photos is known as Model 264, and it's a 264 square feet (hence the tiny house design name), comes in 64 boxes, and costs $117,000. Their other prefab homes can range up to $223,000. The Model 264 features have features such as LED lighting, high ceilings in the bedroom, a closet, kitchen and a complete bathroom. Everything from the window color in the tiny house design to the kitchen cabinets is customizable, and incorporating add-ons such as rooftop solar panels is also an option.

Avava is a San Francisco-based company, and the prefab designs they have created come in components that are shipped in flat-packed boxes, which makes it easier to transport and assemble them. The Britespace, tiny house design is available in three sizes, with their names to include the Model 264, Model 352 and Model 480 which reflects the square footage they encompass. All of the prefab units contain a kitchen, living area, bathroom and closet, so you have everything you need to stay comfortably. The prices which range from $177,000 to $223,000 also include the permitting, the flat-pack delivery, installation and the contractor services. The price doesn not include the furniture or the appliances. Avava bills its concept as a being a completely new way to do prefab. Current prefab designs and methods have moved standard construction practices into a controlled environment, which is a good improvement. However, moving and installing completed prefab buildings is typically difficult. With roads and cities not designed for items this large, making the prefab tiny house design a convenient option in for people to choose.

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