This Majestic Horse Looks So Cool You Won't Believe It Exists

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Rare horses with lots of hairs, sunsets and sand dunes... I often read about the more subtle wonders of the world. Paradisaeidae, also known as the birds of paradise, are the members of the family of the order "Passeriformes".

The males of this species are world re-known - as the plumage is some of the most highly sought after collectibles on earth. Once the bird of paradise's plumage was so highly sought after that the species became endangered as they collected decorative plumes for ornamentation in the name of fashion. The majority of this these birds have elaborate or elongated plumage extended from the heads, beaks, wings and tails. These highly desired and almost "mythical" creatures were harvested for their feathers and plumage to almost extinction by "plume hunting". There was a call to stop the slaughter of these beautifully adorned birds. The aboriginal people would pass on whispers referring to these birds called "bolon diuata" which roughly means "from terrestrial paradise", that they say means, "Birds of God". Today, "plume hunting" aka the killing/slaughter of birds of paradise to harvest their feathers are outlawed in most of the countries.

Birds are not the only exotic animals in danger. Horse breeding is full of rare breeds that have a limited family lineage as they are usually from royal blood lines and limited numbers. Horses are bred for their fast pace and their coats, their ability to jump and do dressage. Even the Appaloosa's, are rumored to be of prehistoric bloodlines as their spotted coat markings are so rare and distinct. Caspians, Arabians and Friesians are all beautiful horses with long manes, but due to intense summer heat their hair is usually braided to help horses keep cool. The most beautiful animals are usually the most coveted and to view some amazing photos, you should click the link to Horse and Man below!

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