A small wooden home with a lot of style

Here's a small wood house with a lot of style showing us that good things come in small packages. Small house living is starting to become a new trend, and instead of going for the mansion, people are beginning to realize that bigger isn't necessarily better. Living smaller allows the home owner to invest in a home they love, made out of good quality materials and attention to detail, some of the things that maybe get compromised in a larger home build. Wood has always been an amazing material to build with, which is why builders around the world us it for all kinds of building projects including homes and commercial buildings. We are ever so familiar with wood cabins and homes created by the first settlers in America, some even still standing today. Which shows that the materials hold up to any kind of weather and environmental changes. In places like Canada and in parts of the United States, there are many sustainable tree plantations growing thousands of trees that will be used for building materials. It's always best to ensure you are using materials that come from these sustainable farms so you're not contributing to the clear cutting of many forests.

The most common types of wood that are used for building wooden and log homes are spruce, pine, fir and cedar. These are all classified as soft woods which are easier to build with since they are easier to manipulate and shape. Hardwoods like oak are better suited for furniture and flooring. Cedar is very valuable and is the most sought after type of wood for homes, but it only grows in certain areas like the west coast of Canada and the US, or the eastern coasts. So usually cedar will have to be shipped from long distances to companies that are not on the coasts which ends up costing more. The other types of wood work just as great, and sometimes it's also just up to personal preference. The small house design we see on MSN Lifestyle appears to be constructed out of cedar because of the reddish tone of the wood. The exterior of the home is absolutely beautiful, and the deck space surrounding the home really adds to the overall design of the house. Nothing is better than having adequate deck and patio space to lounge on in the summer time, and to enjoy barbecuing a delicious feast on.

Inside the home, there is also a lot to be admired with this small house design. The amazing cathedral ceilings in the main living area, which create so much openness in the space. The walls and ceilings are also all constructed out of wood which is quite remarkable and the flooring is all natural hardwood flooring as well. Instead of going with an open concept design like we see in most houses these days, they decided to separate the kitchen from the living room giving each their own space. Each space has it's own beautiful fire stove which is a must in any wood cabin or home. They just create that perfect temperature and ambiance people love. The bathroom is not all wood except for the upper portion of the wall. The rest is done with tile which is a nice complement to all of the wood within the house. This floor plan seems to just have one bedroom, which would be great for one single person or a couple. Perfect for people who love nature and living in an all natural house. Enjoy all of the photos of this small wood home and get inspired by it's stylish and simple design.***

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