Warning! You May Spend Hours Looking at These Gorgeous Log Houses

The most beautiful things seem to always be the most natural and there are no exceptions for Wooden Houses like the ones you will see on Haus-Bau Portal.net. Haus-Bau Portal.net is a great website where you can have access to some wonderful log and wooden home builders and designers. The website is based out of Germany and is in all German, but your web browser should be able to translate the text for you if you check in the upper left hand corner of your screen. Most of their distributers seem to be in Europe, but some of them would perhaps be able to ship world wide as well. Otherwise, it is inspiring to have a look and check out what is available and get some ideas for your own log house building project. Log homes and wooden homes have been built around the world for centuries. As far back as Roman times, and even before that, people have been using trees to build structures to live in as well as using them for a variety of other projects such as building boats and ships, tools and weapons. We can find in history books that people have been using wood to create fires to keep warm and to cook on as well. So wood is a valuable commodity that we have come to rely upon and revere as one of the best materials known to man.

What types of wood are best for building houses though you might question? The softer woods like Pine, Cedar and Cypress are the types of tree that are usually used in building projects. These woods are extremely tough at their core, but are also very easy to work with to create the shape and size of building material that is needed to build a structure. Hardwoods are most commonly used for flooring because they only need to be cut into straight planks all uniform in size. Wood and logs are also such an amazing building material because they are a renewable resource that is environmentally friendly. Now that there is such a demand for log and wooden homes, sustainable tree plantations have been created. In these tree plantations, the activity and use of the trees is monitored quite closely so that nothing is wasted. These sustainable tree plantations not only produce a material that is very high in demand, they also help to protect the trees in the ancient growth forests, so that they are not used and the ecosystems they support can continue to thrive.

If you think all that wood and logs can build are very traditional, rustic looking log houses and cabins, think again. When you see the photos of the gorgeous wooden homes that can be built all in a very contemporary style, you will be impressed. These log and wooden homes all have a very stylish design and look very modern in comparison to some of the log homes out on the market. This way people can have a stylish looking home, with the strength and sustainability that wood and logs provide as building materials. One other highlight of using wood and logs as a building material is that they create the healthiest living environment for the people living within the walls they build. Wood has a very high capability of filtering the air of the home so that the occupants are not breathing in toxins. Wood also gives us the feeling of being close to nature which in and of itself is highly beneficial for the human system. Living in a log or wooden home can decrease stress and also help in maintaining a healthily lifestyle. Check out some of the lovely wooden homes here!

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