Whistleblower: Massive Extraterrestrial Crafts Hiding Behind Moon

It seems that numerous extraterrestrial crafts have docked on the opposite side of the moon. Dr. Eric Norton who is an outside consultant for NSA and NSA for 12 years, was hired to track meteors, comets and various space objects. What he also has been following is a number of unidentified aircrafts. These aircrafts were Earthbound.

“Massive, three dimensional black structures in space, in straight line formation advancing in the direction of planet Earth” were observed. “ This observation was back on January 22, 2012. It is further stated that the objects were getting so close, you could see structural features in high detail. By 2013, the objects were tracked showing they’d travelled past planet mars by about 200,000 miles.

After this, the object vanished from the telescope lenses almost instantaneously. It was like an invisible shield had gone up as they were getting close enough to be able to view without problem in our night sky. So did they leave or not?

According to Dr. Norton who was sent home from his observations, he told a close friend that ‘the objects reappeared and had re-positioned themselves behind the moon’ . It was speculated that the three “L” shaped three dimensional crafts had re-positioned themselves in a circular type of alignments. This formation would allow them to dock on the backside of moon. For skywatchers, this would of left them invisible.

There has been commotion around the government and there have been numerous space monitoring programs that have been shut down. It was six months after Dr. Norton was sent home, before he did hear the above information. Norton said that doing a blackout on monitoring programs was in fact essential in ‘keeping the lid on what had happened’.

He also reported that there are already reported fluctuations in the Earth’s gravity field and the gravity field linking the moon to the Earth”. So What are these objects and what are they going to do?

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