Who Says Off-grid is Not Popular

"Who says off-grid is not Popular" doesn't know what they are talking about, off grid homes have never been so talked about. Tiny house living is the way to go when you are thinking of downsizing from your larger home, or maybe you just want a vacation getaway, backyard office or guest tiny house, the possibilities are endless.

On this site you will find the DeRose Windmill Cottage in East Hampton, New York, and was featured in the Michael Caine movie Deathtrap. The windmill cottage was built in 1885, and the listing calls it a stunning example of nineteenth century windmill architecture. In front of the beautiful property is the late 18th century Jeremiah Miller House, which Edward DeRose bought in 1885 and behind this he constructed what is now known as the DeRose Windmill, a "faux" structure, and accurate replica of an authentic East Hampton windmill. The beautiful windmill cottage is surrounded by lush green landscaping of grass and lots of trees, the property is as lovely as the structure. The manicured ground include extensive gardens that have been coordinated for color throughout the year as well as some of the finest trees in East Hampton. The windmill cottage sits on 3.5 acres and is surrounded by brick garden walls ad tall privet. The backyard has a 50 foot heated gunite pool and all weather tennis court. The interior design doesn't miss a detail.

The creator of this site is Julia, and she's hooked on houses. She started blogging in 2008 to find kindred spirits and is happy to say that she found them. She has had over 80 million page views, and has learned there a lot of house lovers out there. She is not a designer, but enjoys cozy, well designed cottages rather than sprawling, show off mansions. She likes to think houses have personalities, and it's fun to get to know them. Before she started blogging, she worked as a writer and editor for various magazines and book publishers. By 2010 the site had grown so big that it became her full time job. She is a wife and mother of two kids, and they live in a small town in Ohio.

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