Would You Believe That This Ravishing Adorable Wooden Cabin Cottage Was Once A Garage?

This charming wood cabin was once a one car garage and has been converted and expanded, into this 750 square foot cabin. The cabin cottage, has an addition that was added to the garage on the hillside. Inside the wood, cabin is a stairway that was built to connect the spaces together. The downstairs of the tiny cabin design is the old converted garage, which is where the kitchen, living area, and half-bathroom are located. Up the stairs is the new addition of the tiny cabin design, where there is a bedroom along with a full bathroom. The bedroom of the wood cabin has a beautiful little outdoor patio where you can enjoy the view. You will want to take a look at the video to take a tour of this adorable tiny cabin design.

Bernard Maybeck's 89-year-old Cubby is a private, rustic, 750 square foot carriage house that is located less than a mile from CAL's campus. The tiny cabin design is homey and basic, even though it is within walking distance to the gourmet ghetto, buses, markets, and BART. It is recommended that you have a car, as the wood cabin is located in the hills. Fencing is limited, and the tiny cabin design is not baby proofed, so because of this no pets, babies or toddlers are permitted for safety reason. The outdoor deck of the wood cabin is a great place for lunch or dinner, and the garden changes depending on what the deer are eating. The Cubby sits on Maybecks' original piece of property. The main house burnt to the ground, but his carriage house called the Cubby still survives. There is a lovely walk to the Rose Garden, the Greenwood Commons and Bay views from the outdoor deck. This neighborhood is Maybeck country, and there are several examples of this are within walkings distance. Bernard Ralph Maybeck was an American architect known for the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 20th century. Maybeck was an instructor at the University of California, Berkeley. Most of his major building designs were in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Guest access for the tiny cabin design is that you have the whole cabin to yourself. The owner lives in San Francisco and uses the wood cabin as a retreat. There is a carport for one car, and no large parties are allowed. Sorry, no large parties. The owner of the wood cabin was born and raised in the city and doesn't mind giving suggestions on where to go in the San Francisco area. The owner's son is a Cal grad, so if you're interested in learning more about this great institution, feel free to ask. There are great restaurants too so that you can ask for recommendations.

This tiny cabin design is located in Berkeley, California, United States. The trees and the views at this location are beautiful, and the wood cabin is also close to lots of things to do. The tiny cabin design is close to Chez Panisse, Saul's, Butcher Shop, and Gregoire. You can be in the city in about thirty minutes or less. BART is also close by, and 4th Street is only a short drive. The wood cabin is also great if you want to go shopping with Crate & Barrel Outlet and Betty's Ocean View Diner, both close by. The wood cabin is only a five to ten-minute walk to the Berkeley bus and about a 15-minute walk to the BART. You will find this tiny cabin design on the Home Design Ideas site. On the site, you will find wood cabins, tiny cabin designs, home designs, small house living and more. **

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