Would You Trek Through 8 Feet of Snow to Stay in This Rustic Log Cabin?

If you are like some people who want to purchase a log home, it may be the top personal financial decision you’ll ever make. A lot of people trace their aspiration to live in a log home to something that brought a spark an arousing feeling of well-being. It may be your childhood memories of a summer with friends, relatives, and neighbor. It may be a recent experience, such as being in well-built log home during cold winter storm. No matter where your desire begins, the decision to build a log home will be an exceptional and personal one.

Size and simplicity define Log Homes. With numerous designs, it is perfect for affordable vacation homes that suit mountain, beach, and lakeside settings. Log homes have developed from single-room structures constructed by necessity from hand-hewn timbers from the home site in order to elaborate residences designed intended for beauty and enjoyment.

Log home plans include everything from small cabins with rectangular footprints to simple gable roofs to emphasize cross-gabled structures with lofty windows and vaulted ceilings. Log homes are perfectly situated for mountain settings; many log homes are designed for sloping lots with walkout basement foundations with additional features of bedrooms or living space. Interiors may be modest or spacious, but log homes maintain a cozy and relaxing ambiance. You will usually find a wood stove or fireplace, a kitchen and one to three bedrooms. The timeless character of a log home gives them a charm that will welcome you home any day of the month or even a year.

In order to picture out what I am talking about, you might want to check out this Ashland Log Cabin Blueprint Innovation found in ‘Expedition Log Homes’ website. It has a total living space of 2,016 square feet, with 1,344 square feet first floor and a 672 square feet second floor. Isn't it lovely? Click the link below and be fascinated!

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