Wrap Your Teeth with Aluminum Foil and See The Magic

Wrap Your Teeth with Aluminum Foil and See The Magic when you try out one of the awesome real life hacks from YouTube. There are so many great and simple life hacks out there on the internet and it can be especially fun to watch videos of them where you get to hear and read or sometimes even see the real life hacks in action. For this simple trick on how to whiten your teeth from the Healthy Life channel on YouTube, you can read and listen to the instructions on how to do this home treatment for your teeth. The information is great, and tells you how to do the treatment as well as some cool information about tooth whitening. You probably have tried some product out there by now to whiten your teeth. Or maybe you get your teeth whitened professionally at a clinic or by your dentist. Tooth whitening can be quite expensive, and you have to keep it up if you want your teeth to stay nice and white. But since there are real life hacks that teach you how to whiten your teeth on your own at home, you will be able to save some of that hard earned money.

Why do our teeth change colour anyhow? Well, the colour of our teeth will change if depending on what you eat and drink as well as your overall health. When we have a good, well balanced diet high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, our teeth tend to be healthier and less discoloured. Our teeth are also subject to being stained by the food and drink we consume. Our teeth are essentially bones and are made up of the similar chemistry that bones are. The teeth have porous openings in them which can trap in these pigments from richly pigmented foods like coffee, tea, and red wine. Cigarette and cigar smoking can also have a bad effect on teeth, as the tobacco and nicotine will stain the surface of the tooth. Overtime, if the teeth are not cleaned properly, and if a person consumes a lot of tooth staining foods or drinks or if they smoke, the teeth will become very yellowish in appearance which no one really wants. Teeth can also turn grey as well, but this is because the tooth is most likely rotting or has a cavity in it. This means that conventional whitening or natural whitening is not going to bring back the nice bright white pigment. So make sure you only use this natural baking soda trick for yellowing teeth.

The whole process is quite simple and can be done as often as you like. Some dentist advise us not to whiten our teeth with chemicals too often because it can ware away at the tooth enamel, which is the hard, protective coating on the tooth. This would be a concern because when the tooth enamel is worn away, the tooth is more susceptible to sensitivity and to cavities. But natural baking soda is very effective and gentle on teeth so there will probably not be a lot of harm in using it on your teeth often. You can even make your own homemade toothpaste out of baking soda. This is a healthy alternative to the other kinds of toothpaste we find in the drug store that has other additives and sometimes even sugar in it for flavour. All you have to do is mix baking soda and water together in balanced parts of each to make a thick paste. You can add some all natural peppermint flavour to give it a bit of a more appealing flavour, but just make sure there is no added sugar in the peppermint oil. So enjoy trying out this fun and simple life hack and see how white your teeth can get.*

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