You Must Try This DIY Skin Whitening Potato Bleach

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Having dark spots on your skin can be really frustrating. Not only do you probably dislike how they look, but they are also very difficult to remove on their own. Wearing makeup just covers these spots up but it doesn't actually help them to go away for good. These spots are dark pigmentation that is caused by a wound healing where the skin has been inflamed. Picking at these scars only makes them worse, so try not to pick at blemishes or sores on your skin and just let them heal naturally in their own time. Facial scars can sometimes be trickier to remove because of the delicate nature of the skin on your face. But dark spots from bug bites or acne on your body can also be very hard to get rid of. There are all sorts of over the counter treatments for dark spots and scars, but these generally take quite a while to show results. Commercial products can contain unsafe chemicals like bleach and peroxides that harm the skin, even more, making it more sensitive to the sun.

There are also natural beauty hacks using all natural ingredients that are much safer for your skin and body. Vitamin E oil is one of the best natural skin regenerating products; it's a thick oil that you can put on your scars and the vitamins help your skin restore to it's natural appearance. You can also try things like tea tree oil, coconut oil, or witch hazel to naturally help dark spots disappear. In this beauty hack video, you'll also learn how a simple white potato can help you get rid of dark spots. Even though using a potato for a beauty hack might seem a little strange, it actually works, and there are many people who have benefited from these natural home remedies. Potatoes contain natural enzymes called catecholase that is a natural bleaching agent. The catecholase helps to lighten the the darkened skin returning it to its natural colour and evens out the skin tone at the same time. The potato enzymes also help to reduce current acne, heal a sunburn, smooth wrinkles, reduce puffiness under and lighten under eye circles as well.

So instead of eating potatoes to get all of the nutrients, use it directly on your skin so your skin can benefit from the healing enzymes. Get a good, organic potato and wash it well, with the peel still on. Then, just peel the potato and cut it into little pieces, then put the pieces into your blender, add a little bit of rose water and blend until a nice puree is created. Rose water is also incredibly good for our skin and has tons of healing properties plus, it'll make your potato puree smell really nice. Once you have your potato puree, mix in some lemon juice as well. Lemon juice also has natural skin bleaching properties, so it'll help the process along nicely. If your skin is really dry, you can also add in some honey to keep it nice and moist. Apply the puree all over your face or the area of skin that has a scar. Leave it on your skin for at least 15 minutes as a healing mask. Wash your face well after the 15 minutes is up and you can apply the mask a couple more times if needed. Try and do this mask often to get the best results. Try out other natural home remedies and simple life hacks from YourHealth's YouTube channel. They have so many great all natural beauty hacks that are safe and easy for your skin and body.***

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