Your Kids Will Be Thrilled by the Idea Why Not Build a Backyard Swing Together?

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With summer on the horizon, more warm days are coming our way, so you are probably looking forward to spending more time outside! What better way to spend more time outside than on a yard swing? Here is a How To Build A Backyard Swing Set DIY project to enhance your summer fun! This awesome tutorial from Goods Home Design shows you how to build the perfect swing for your own back yard. Think of the afternoons you could spend laying in the sun with a book and a nice cool glass of iced tea, relaxing in nature. You could have a retreat right in your own back yard! If you have kids, they will be sure to love it as well. People of all ages can enjoy a swing like this one!

The instructions are really pretty simple too; the people at Goods Home Design have outlined the steps and measurements in nice photos that make it easy to understand and follow step by step. Its a great weekend project you could get the whole family to help out with! Especially if you have older kids who you can teach to hammer and put all the pieces together with your supervision of course. It would be such a fun project that they could really learn from and remember for years to come!

I recall having a swing in my yard when I was growing up, and some of my favorite memories were spent on that swing. Laying in the sun watching the clouds go by. It really is the perfect addition to any back yard. Once you have it all together stain it with a stain of your preference and put some colorful cushions on it and there you go! A perfect spot to hang out all summer long!

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