You've Got A Friend In Me

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AW this is Too Cute!!! This article is rightfully called "You've Got A Friend In Me." There is that amazing perfect moment in everyone's lives when they find they're special someone who completes them and makes them happy. In this case, the fact that the two are different species didn't seem to stop them from being each other's best friend. It is heart-melting to see a sweet, loyal dog with a new companion in tow, a funny little monkey who's found his new best friend forever. It seems the monkey may have gotten the best out of this kinship, being able to hitch rides on the dog's back in order to get around. Still, the dog seems very happy to have his new little friend giving him lots of hugs and cuddling with him as he sleeps, so it really is a win-win for both of them.

I know I've tried, like most people do I think, to make my cat and dog each other's best friends before. However, when I put my cat on my dog's back to try to get them to bond it didn't exactly work out, resulting in a bunch of hissing and paw swatting from my cat, and the two still don't quite trust each other. It is amazing though that even in nature many different species get along and bond to become best friends. For example, I've heard of cows and cheetahs becoming friends, dogs and elephants, and even a snake and the mouse that it was supposed to eat. The potential to bond across any species is truly remarkable, and shows how we are all connected and similar to life around us and that we all have the ability to connect with other living beings no matter how different they might be.

This is a truly adorable photograph of a trend that's on the rise, cross-species friendships and bonding. I would love to have a pet monkey ride around on my dog's back, in this case the two are so different yet similar in their affection and love for one another that it is very touching and heart-warming.

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